Hapi African Gourmet is on the mission to mainstream African style foods in the United States. We make it easy to enjoy African inspired meals made locally with minimal preparation. We use food as a common denominator to present a less known side of Africa to the masses. We believe that learning about other cultures and sharing culinary experiences can help people build bridges while indulging in new flavors. We learn more about our common humanity by bonding around great food.

African cuisine is plant-based, very nutritious and delicious, yet we realized that in America, most grocery stores carry food products from all around the world but there is almost no ready-to-eat African style foods on the shelves.
We offer authentic, plant-based, nutritious, and flavorful sauces, frozen meals, and spice blends via our online store, through farmers markets, retail stores, and institutional food service.

Our peanut and sunflower sauces are great pairings for many items in any food pantry, they complement, but do not replace, foods that most people are familiar with.

Our spice blends are made with sun kissed spices, fruits, and seeds sustainably harvested from the deep forests of Cameroon and other West African countries. They infuse bold flavors to any dish.

Our frozen meals help you travel virtually to any African country from the comfort of your kitchen table or anywhere you can enjoy food.


I am a native of Cameroon who came to the US after spending four years in Burkina Faso. I am a trained lawyer who worked in financial services and international development prior to starting a food business. My work focus on sustainable development was a catalyst in launching Hapi African Gourmet to help change the current script about Africa.

I have always wanted to do something to address the root causes of Africa’s underdevelopment, which are anchored in the current institutional infrastructure to perpetuate poverty. While that process takes time, I could at least in the meantime, proceed to show the world some of the great things Africa has to offer, beside safaris and colorful clothing.

My inspiration to embark on this journey came from several perspectives. My political activism and advocacy inspired me to contribute to change the way people perceive my homeland. From a culinary perspective, the nostalgia, and memories of my grandmother’s cooking with simple ingredients to make delicious food, was my inspiration. My deepest source of inspiration from a general business perspective, was my parents, who endowed me with a great dose of grit, devotion, and compassion


Celebrate authenticity and originality

We do not see the need to conform to food industry “standards” by adding artificial ingredients and preservatives that would alter the natural taste of our products. Even if it’s never been done before, we are not worried about being the first.

Embrace complementarity

We are proud of bringing our culinary expertise to share traditional African ingredients and meals with the world. We also demonstrate how our offerings complement everyone’s food pantry.

Never compromise on quality

We chose only the best ingredients to make the best meals, sauces and spice blends offered by our company. Our simple ingredients make exquisite taste.